Turkey has a population of 80 million is one of the world’s top tourist countries. It consists of Anatolia (Asian side) and Thrace (European side), where many civilizations and states have been guests for centuries. Turkish culture has a unique culture. Republic of Turkey, the successor to the Ottoman Empire gained by Ataturk’s modern identity. Besides the works of the Ottoman empire, one of the most powerful states of the time, ancient roman works, works of the Greek civilization, works of Anatolian civilizations, it has excellent beaches, seaside towns and interesting natural formations. Welcome to the 10 most beautiful destinations of this beautiful country.


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Located in southeastern Turkey, Urfa, a city where you can see more Arab culture from the Turkish culture. Perhaps it is one of the ugliest city in turkey but the city must be visited, because it has the most valuable historic site (Gobeklitepe) in the world. Gobeklitepe, the oldest known cult building group of the world, appeared in 1995. The building, which took the throne of Stonehedge from its hands, is a big worship center built in 10,000 BC. Approximately 20 temples have been identified in the area and only 6 temples have been brought to light. The city has also sacred places for Abrahamic religions. Balikligol, which Prophet Abraham thought to have been thrown into the fire , Hz. Ibrahim Cave and the sunken city Halfeti are the best places to visit.


Cesme and Alacati are two coastal villages that are not known by foreign tourists and preferred by Turks. These places along the Aegean Sea have more stylish cafes, restaurants and bars than other coastal towns. You can walk on the narrow streets and attend crazy parties on beach clubs. The air isn’t high humid and the sea water is cold. For this reason, high income Turks love to spend their holidays in the region.


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Mersin, where most of the tourists pass and does not even hear its name, has many beauties in it. The Maiden castle, which has an epic appearance in the middle of the sea, is suitable for travelers who want to explore non-touristic places with its ancient beach, Gilindere Cave with a mirrored lake and deserted beaches. After a relaxing 3-day trip, you can say goodbye to the city by drinking a coffee in the marina in the city center. In the city, there is also the St. Paul church and well, which are regarded as sacred for Orthodox Christians.


Marmaris, which is located in the Turkish Riviera, offers a fun holiday for tourists with its azure sea, luxury hotels and unlimited water sports activities. Fethiye is famous for a natural wonder like Ölüdeniz. Especially with paragliding, seeing the dead sea from above is the most popular and exciting activity in the region. In this region where you can see every shade of blue, you can swim on thousands of bays between Marmaris and Fethiye. Dalyan, Gocek, Selimiye, Akyaka, Turunc are the most famous seaside towns. Click for Best Beaches in Europe


it is in Turkey, but it’s a place unlike any of the rest of Turkey. Established on a hill in the Mesopotamian plain, Mardin is a very mystical place with its winding streets and restaurants with Middle Eastern culture. Many of the Assyrian works that make up the Christian community of Mesopotamia gave the city its identity. Dayrulzafaran monastery, Mor Behnam Kırklar Church, Mardin Museum, Kasimiye and Zinciriye Madrasas are the most important structures.


Antalya, the second most touristic city in Turkey, char year welcomes millions of tourists. While the city center offers excellent opportunities for tourists, tens of towns and villages around it offer different things to each tourist group. Kaleici, sinkhole waterfall and Perge ruins are remarkable in the city center. However, it’s perfect sea and nature that attracts tourists. In Belek, you can play golf and stay in 5-star hotels, visit the narrow streets of Side. Or you can go to the west and stay in one of the tens of small seaside towns and spend your holiday calmly. Kas and Kalkan are the most relaxing seaside towns.


Ephesus, which has a temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of the world, was one of the largest cities of the Roman empire. These ruins are well preserved and have survived to the present day. the most attract spots of Ephesus are the grand amphitheater, the Hadrian’s Temple, and the legendary library of celsus that hosts more than 12,000 scrolls.


Bodrum, which has Halicarnassus Mausoleum, one of the 7 wonders of the world, attracts attention with its white houses built on the hills, blue flag beaches and night life. While it is a small town built around the fortress of St Peter, the basement has become a town with a population of 180,000, consisting of many small neighborhoods today. The neighborhoods of Bodrum are far apart and quite different. While some places appeal to foreign tourists, some neighborhoods appeal to local tourists who love more luxury.


Cappadocia, which gives people the feeling of being in a fairy tale; It is located in the inner part of the country. There are interesting formations called thousands of fairy chimneys in the region. Fairy chimneys are natural beauties formed as a result of soft volcano tuffs eroding with streams and wind over time. Equipping the whole region with fairy chimneys has made a completely different atmosphere in the region and is sufficient to affect people. The beauty of the region is not limited to this. There are underground cities built by the Hittites in the ancient period to escape from invading Persians and Greeks. These cities, where thousands of people live, are unique in the world. The largest underground city in the region, which has 36 underground cities, is derinkuyu. The most important underground cities are Derinkuyu (20.000 people lived) and Kaymakli (5.000 people lived).


Istanbul, which connects Europe to Asia and ensures the fusion of east and west culture, is a large metropolis with a population of 15 million. While 9 million of the population lives on the European side, 6 million live on the Asian side. This magnificent city is one of the 10 most visited cities in the world with its unique history. Spending a few days in the old city, where the magnificent Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern and the Topkapı Palace are located, will help you learn the Ottoman and Byzantine history. However, seeing only this part of the city will cause you to have very little information about the country and Istanbul. You must spend a minimum of 5 days in the city.

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